Our first home purchase was made smooth and stress free (as much as any home purchase can be!) by Jeramy and his team. They worked seamlessly with the other people involved in our home purchase and ensured that we made it to the finish line in a short timeframe without any complications. Definitely felt like I was in the hands of an expert! Whenever we had questions, Jeramy was available by a number of methods: email, text, phone. Thanks guys!
– Derek and Katie T.

Jeramy and his team have always gone above and beyond to provide great service. I recommend him highly!
– Ryan J.

Jeramy and his team did an excellent job – from beginning to end – in guiding me through the loan process. He kept me informed on a regular basis on the progress of my loan application. He made himself available by phone/email. He created a cool instructional video that allowed me to understand all of my loan options in a clear format. His team worked so efficiently that I was able to close on my loan 10 days early! Jeramy and his team provide excellent/efficient service. In short, I highly recommend Jeramy to anyone with mortgage related needs!
– Matt N.

Jeramy does a great job in not only providing great service to his clients, but also in educating them about what they need to look for in their loan. If you are looking to finance your next home purchase I would recommend sitting down with him and seeing what he can find for you.
– Cole S.

I have personally used Jeramy on 3 loans and 1 refinance and each time has been a great experience. He is well informed of what programs are available and has helped traverse the mortgage process. He is diligent in making sure everything is in place so the deal closes on time. I literally recommend Jeramy to all my friends buying a home or refinancing.
– Matt F.

Very awesome guy an very good at what he does.. helped in so many ways and made our loan process go smooth.. Thx Jeramy Williams!
– Marvin S.

Jeramy was an awesome loan officer! I started my loan purchase with a different lender and after weeks of lack of communication and poor service I switched to Fairway Independent Mortgage and it was such a relief! Both loan officer and processor always emailed back within the hour whenever I needed an update on my loan process or had a question. I would recommend them to anyone about to venture in the loan process!
– December V.

This was our second time going through the process of buying a house. We used another lender the first time and this was a completely different experience- in a good way. We were on a tight timeline to close on our new home due to the timing of selling our previous one and Jeramy and his team met all of the deadlines. Always available to answer any questions we had. It was so convenient that almost all documents they needed could be done digitally – definitely helped to not only speed up the process but make it easier, too. With the help of our realtor, Mackey Martin, Jeramy and his team, the whole process of buying our house went very smoothly.
– Elyssa C.

Even though this was our first loan, and a relatively small one, Jeramy and his team have been great teachers and extremely on the ball. They had everything going for us in no time and never let anything drop. Plus their digital platforms make it far easier and quicker to get paperwork done and know what you’re getting into than anyone I’ve spoken to that used a bank. Thanks Jeramy!
– Ryan B.

Trying to buy a home at such a young age, Jeramy was able to make the loan portion of the home-buying process so simple and easy. I enjoyed working with Jeramy because of his professionalism and swiftness throughout the entire process. When documents needed to be signed and papers needed to be sent, he was on the ball in getting me the proper information and paperwork to ensure that we close on my new home. Due to him and his team’s urgency, we were able to close on the house earlier than projected and at a lower monthly mortgage payment seen on my part. With Jeramy’s patience and true understanding for what my individual needs are pertaining to my VA home loan and home insurance, the loan process of buying a home turned out to be much simpler than anticipated. Between all of his professional contacts pertaining to the home-buying process and his own expertise, I have full confidence in saying that my next home loan will be handled with Jeramy.
– Clayton T.